Facts About College Football

Writers and columnist have been writing articles about what is wrong about the current landscape of college football. According to them NCAA football champion is hard to come by because of so many factors like players are under paid and some paid under the table by major universities.

Another issue they pointed out that coaches are throwing some good college players under the bus to further advance their career. While some accusations are a bit true like the championship being a joke, but the game still stands, and it does not hurt it. If you want a championship level site for online casino go to EZ bonus promos codes, they got it all.

Division I football has quite the endurance it has stood so many scandals such as steroids, points shaving, cheating, arrests and underhanded officiating staff. Yet the public stills forgive all the mishaps in its system.

Writers believed that the forgiveness of the public is due to the flaw of college football. As the writers explain that what makes it great is the corruption, the greed and the flaw in the system. The flaws make the fans discuss the college football and makes them passionate about the game. They added that these flaws should stay because this makes the game successful.

The Truth

The views of the writers are not true. They simply do not understand the sport of college football. What really makes college football great is the fact that it the highest quality of pure sports that a person can watch. Speaking of the truth EZ got a big list of bonuses you can use for online casinos.

Majority of college football players will never play in NFL. Most of these players played the highest level of football they have played in their loves. Some elite players though, the ones that are special, these are the ones that can play in the NFL eventually. They are making the most of their football playing years in the NCAA football. Some players though are just playing for the love of the game of football.

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