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Kinds of Strollers

Strollers come in different types and it is hard to know what kind is right for you. Do you get the double or the lightweight, or do you need a heavier one, do you need a jogging stroller or the umbrella one? Well look no further we have listed the different types of strollers.

Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are middle sized strollers comes with a very basic feature. This type of selection has a very wide selection, so make sure that you know what you need on a stroller before you go shopping for this type of stroller.

This type of stroller is meant for basic baby transportation such as walking on paved road, sidewalks and on shopping malls. This stroller is not for uneven surface and not meant for jogging and running. These strollers come in with many features that are practical for everyday use such as cup holders, canopy, extra storage space and others. Most of these strollers are compatible with car seats and are durable.

 A good example of this lightweight stroller is the Uppababy Minu, it is so awesome and can be used as your everyday stroller.

All Terrain and Jogging Strollers

These types of strollers are heavy duty and come with different features. These strollers are becoming more and more popular among parents to get out of the house and exercise. The ultimate jogging stroller comes with a 3 large inflatable tires with fixed front tire and are design for serious running.

These types of strollers are built for speed and not for precision handling so using them for other activities such as shopping may lead to disappointment and frustration.

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers have curved double handles and they are compact and can be folded easily which resembles an umbrella, thus named after it. Among the strollers this the lightest and the smallest baby stroller available.

They have a cloth and vinyl seat that has a basic frame with swivel wheels. Some has features like storage basket and canopy that are available for short trips. They are not sturdy and do not offer much safety and they are suitable for children 6 months and below and those who needs to be assisted when sitting.

Double Strollers

Like the name suggest this stroller is for those with multiple kids. For this stroller you can get some that can accommodate an infant car seat. These types of strollers have so many great features and easy to maneuver. The catch is it is bulky and hard to carry around.